Quintillion’s System

Serving Alaska and Beyond

Fast, Reliable, and Secure Broadband

Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, Quintillion provides middle-mile backhaul services for last-mile service providers in the Northwest Arctic and North Slope regions, as well as along the Dalton Highway corridor from Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks. Quintillion is the first and only telecommunications operator to build a subsea and terrestrial fiber optic cable network in the US Arctic. We are also a leading provider of high-speed broadband networks and satellite ground station and cloud service connectivity. Quintillion supplies internet providers with the fastest, most resilient broadband access in the state of Alaska, which they in turn deliver to their customers.

The Network

Quintillion’s network currently serves the Alaska markets of Nome, Kotzebue, Point Hope, Wainwright, Utqiaġvik, and Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse – including oil and gas infield.

1700 MI

Total Network Span

1200 MI

Subsea, Nome to Prudhoe Bay

500 MI

Terrestrial, Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks

At Fairbanks, the fiber connects to existing networks reaching Anchorage, Seattle, and Portland. Subsequent phases will connect Alaska with Asia and Europe.

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3 Pair System

30 Tbps capacity which is scalable up to 90 Tbps.

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Resilient Design

Cable is buried up to 12’ below the seabed.

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6 Cable Landings

Installed in steel conduit up to a mile offshore.

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Robust Feeds

Redundant equipment at each landing site.

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24/7 Monitoring

Fast response times to any disruption.

An Alaskan Feat

Quintillion’s fiber installation in the harsh Arctic conditions is a testament to its fortitude: a grand vision, studied design, and the determination to take on difficult projects and see them through.

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Partnering With Alaskans

Quintillion partners with locally-based service providers, Alaska Native corporations, government entities, and corporate clients to meet the unique needs of Alaskans.

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Advancing Public Health & Safety

From telehealth to emergency response capabilities like search and rescue, high-speed broadband greatly improves the welfare of Arctic people and communities.

Resource & Economic Development icon

Resource & Economic Development

Quintillion’s broadband network improves the public and private sectors’ ability to communicate, and contributes to sound decisions in mining, oil and gas, transportation, construction, and other industries.

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Promoting Competition

Quintillion’s business model is predicated on partnering with a variety of internet service providers. It purposefully fosters healthy competition to improve offerings and reduce costs for Alaskan customers.

Alaskan rural communities icon

Serving Rural Communities

The first ever Arctic broadband unlocks invaluable quality of life capabilities such as telework, remote learning, workforce training, e-commerce, entertainment, and more.

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Supporting National Security

Quintillion’s network has been designated a critical infrastructure. It provides unrivaled security, as well as a capacity ideal for ground-based defense systems and other national security needs.