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The Next Generation of Mining is Here

Telecommunications is transforming the industry, incorporating new digital technologies that create efficiencies and reduce costs.

Most mining processes can be highly automated or remotely operated, but automation and digital resources by themselves are not enough. Mining telecommunication solutions must be partnered with a network that meets the low latency, high-reliability and security demands of new digital devices and software.

Ensuring a mining operation has access to an industrial-grade, reliable, scalable, flexible, and secure telecommunications network is the first step toward automation. It allows for projects that can monitor and provide analytics to improve planning, production, processing, logistics, safety, and sustainability.

Arctic Case Study

The Aitik Mine in Sakajarvi, Sweden has leveraged automation capabilities to become the most efficient open-pit copper mine in the world.

  • 2,000 hours/year in drilling operations
  • 40% in completed operational drill hours
  • EUR 2.5M net annual savings
  • 10% reduction in fuel consumption
  • 9,400 metric ton reduction in CO2 emissions

Quintillion provides mining companies with a variety of products that deliver high-quality, low latency, cost-effective communications solutions for every stage of the project life-cycle.

Aitik Mine in Sakajarvi, Sweden


Quintillion provides oil, gas, and drilling production companies, as well as oilfield service companies, a variety of products that deliver high-quality, low latency, cost-effective communications solutions.

  • Custom Networks
  • Dark Fiber
  • Corporate WAN
  • Optical Wavelength Service (10G – 100G)
  • Ethernet Private Line (1 Mbps – 10 Gbps)
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line
    (1 Mbps – 10 Gbps)
  • Internet Access
  • Camp-Based Services


In addition to broadband products and high-speed internet connectivity, Quintillion also provides a host of related broadband services.

  • Joint Network Development
  • Network Security
  • Network Monitoring

Enabled by Communications

Increasing production and improving profitability in the mining industry requires working relentlessly on efficiency, and the industry is turning its attention toward automation as the next area of opportunity. Carrying out drilling and blasting operations through the application of automation can save mining operators millions of dollars each year – particularly in rural locations – and it all starts with network communications technology.