About Quintillion


US-Owned Robust Digital Connectivity

Beyond the Last Frontier

Quintillion is the first and only telecommunications operator to build a submarine and terrestrial fiber optic cable network in the Northwest and North Slope Arctic regions. Spanning 1,700 miles, Quintillion’s US-owned, carrier-grade system currently provides Gig-E data transmission capacity at incomparable levels of security in a remote, yet geopolitically significant region. Quintillion’s Arctic High Latitude Data Acquisition ground station is located at the northernmost point in the United States in Utqiaġvik, Alaska. There are additional expansion projects underway using antennae of various sizes and capabilities.

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Designated Critical Infrastructure

The only subsea fiber optic cable network in the US Arctic, Quintillion’s network is designated “critical infrastructure” and does not contain any non-compliant foreign components. Quintillion maintains an active national security agreement and actively engages with the US Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Defense.

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Resilient to Cyber Threat

Unlike 5G or satellite systems which are susceptible to radio frequency interception and disruption, Quintillion’s fiber network is buried and hardened against these potential surveillance threats. The subsea Arctic environment provides an additional layer of physical access protection, and the Cable Landing Stations (CLS) are secured and monitored 24×7.

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Quintillion has built a satellite ground station to enable satellite downlink activity on US soil. We currently operate a 3.7 meter antenna in the S and X bands and can downlink data from polar orbiting satellites multiple times per day. The ground station is connected via fiber to the Equinix SE2 International Business Exchange, as well as the major internet exchanges in Seattle, Washington, and Hillsboro, Oregon.

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Capacity and Speed

Ideal for national security needs, Quintillion’s existing network provides 30 Tbps capacity and is scalable up to 90 Tbps. This provides unrivaled security, speed, and capacity for ground-based defense systems and other security needs.

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Protected Against Interference and Damage

Quintillion’s cable network is strategically routed to avoid common environmental causes of damage, and our subsea fiber cable is engineered to withstand challenging Arctic conditions, with burial up to 12’ deep.