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Regulatory Policies & Procedures

Interconnection Policy 

Quintillion is committed to being transparent with their prices, and to provide reasonable and affordable open access middle mile connectivity services in perpetuity to all interested Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and any other parties making bona fide requests on a fair and non-discriminatory basis. Quintillion will negotiate in good faith and coordinate with any telecom provider making a legitimate request for an interconnection agreement or for wholesale backhaul services, offering them the ability to ride atop the network in any practical manner including the purchase of backhaul capacity within reasonable technical and business limits to be negotiated with requesting parties to enable their operations and enable them to create affordable packages for service as ISPs to any customer base in their targeted service areas. 

Quintillion’s current and planned network is constructed and operated on industry standards-based solutions and an open architecture model to allow for future upgrades and highly scalable deployments including both the ability to connect to the public Internet and physical interconnection for traffic exchange, capable of delivering 1Gbps and above symmetric services. These and any other future Quintillion network facilities will be made available on a wholesale open access basis to existing or future service providers. Today’s investment in Quintillion’s open access middle mile network will thus scale and evolve as the needs of the served communities and nearby populations continue to grow and advance. 

Any considerations in pricing or volume discounts, business arrangements, capacity limits, financial terms, and technical conditions will be based on business or marketing advantage and not based on any discriminatory approach. Quintillion will install pull or breakout boxes and other infrastructure facilities strategically along its terrestrial routes for periodic interconnectivity points. Quintillion further agrees to provide fiber connectivity anywhere along the route between from the interconnect points via ring splicing to other middle mile and last mile partners. Quintillion will use standards-based networking practices to manage interoperability with other wired and wireless networks and will allow for both wholesale and retail use of network facilities. 

Existing and new network facilities will be made available in perpetuity on a wholesale basis to existing or future service providers so they can offer competitive alternate services to community anchor institutions, businesses, and residences. Where Quintillion negotiates contractual covenants with broadband service providers to deploy or operate the network facilities, we will ensure that the network nondiscrimination and interconnection obligations are incorporated to their contractual terms and conditions. Quintillion as a middle mile backhaul provider does not have any practices in place to block access to illegal or harmful content and plans to leave that to its last mile provider partners to implement and manage. It’s our practice is to provide written notices of any policy amendments to customers with 30 days.