Recent Activity

  • Quintillion personnel held productive discussions with community leaders in Utqiagvik on June 22nd and 23rd, sharing and describing plans and alternatives. The meeting showcased excellent teamwork and a strong focus on productive activity.
  • One Web User Terminals have been delivered and are in various stages of installation.
  • Forecasts indicate that the fast ice will break up in July and overall ice coverage in the area will reduce to 30% coverage during the first half of August and be ice-free in the second half of August.
  • The Integrity cable repair ship is currently on its way to Vancouver, but it is not ice-strengthened and requires the ice to dissipate before reaching the repair location. The anticipated arrival of the vessel is in the first week of August, contingent upon favorable weather and ice conditions.
  • We have identified available ice-strengthened vessels that could be mobilized and outfitted with cable repair equipment and personnel necessary to complete the repair in the presence of sea ice – these alternatives will be further developed in parallel with the contracted marine maintenance vessel.
  • We are actively collaborating with the North Slope Borough and VOICE, while also engaging with KBRW to provide periodic public service updates. The North Slope Borough and VOICE have played vital leadership roles in coordinating the crisis response, demonstrating tireless dedication, while all service providers concentrate on implementing workarounds and conducting necessary repairs.