Recent Activity

No change in estimated time for repair although many options to expedite repair are being evaluated based on risk profile, probability of success, and safety. Paying close attention to the ice-free estimates/forecasts as a gating item.

  • Placed Orders for 500Mbps capacity with the excellent support of PDI and OneWeb. User terminals have been provisioned and tested in Anchorage. Shipped out today for local installation.
  • Reviewed and integrated into repair plan, the ice forecasts and permitting requirements.
  • We have received the initial plan of work for the cable repair from our marine maintenance vendor. The repair vessel is planned to be mobilized with Quintillion spare equipment and standing by off Wainwright in advance of the expected Beaufort Sea ice-free opening window.
    a. Actively monitoring the forecasted ice-free window. This will be the driver of the critical path and determine access to the fault area.
  • We have identified available ice-strengthened vessels that could be mobilized and outfitted with cable repair equipment and personnel necessary to complete the repair in the presence of sea ice – these alternatives will be further developed in parallel with the contracted marine maintenance vessel.
  • We have kicked off permitting and consultation activities necessary to plan and execute the offshore repair.
  • Continuing to explore various unconventional options to make temporary repairs to the Quintillion system or establish temporary fiber connectivity around the faulted fiber segment – these will be worked in parallel with the contracted marine maintenance vessel repairs.
  • Repair vessels’ earliest arrival is estimated to be in the first week of August. Monitoring weather and ice dissipation and will inform of changes as they become known.