Recent Activity

  1. Status Recap:
    1. Shore-side cable (the cable heading south back to Oliktok Point Landing Station) has been recovered, tested, and buoyed.
    2. Sea-side cable (heading north out to Branch Unit) has been located and engaged on the seabed floor:
      1. ROV inspection shows 20 meters of accessible cable on the seabed floor. The target is 50-60 meters of accessible cable in order to reach the surface with workable slack for splicing operations. The water depth in the area is ~25 Meters.
      2. Continue ROV excavation efforts to expose more cable (total of 50-60M target) which is currently buried within the seabed floor.
      3. Wheeled de-trenching grapnel currently working excavation in tandem with ROV jetting on the above objectives.
  2. Good weather conditions but still poor visibility at water depth. Expecting visibility to improve with current weather conditions.
  3. Cable gripper standing by with ROV. An improved visibility condition may provide an opportunity to engage the cable for recovery.