Recent Activity

  1. Excavating, Grapnel runs, and ROV operations continue with progressively deeper penetrations into the seabed with attempts to recover the sea-side cable.
  2. Planned organized and implementing deployment of a wheeled de-trencher for an alternative approach to access the seabed at targeted burial depths.
  3. Continual challenges presented by the deep burial of the cable at the fault sight. Runs proceeding at alternate locations north of the fault site.
  4. Evaluating and preparing various alternatives to accomplish cable recovery.
    a. More aggressive de-trenching
    b. Dive team operations to support and hasten recovery while managing safety concerns caused by poor visibility.
  5. Recovery attempts and alternatives approaches implemented on a round-the-clock schedule.
  6. Sea/weather conditions worsened with winds and swells. Poor visibility at fault site remains.