Recent Activity

  1. Methodical and multiple Grapnel runs for Sea-side cable recovery continuing.
  2. Alternating Grapnel runs with sonar-equipped Remote Operating Vehicles (ROV) recovery runs.
  3. Weather will be an inhibiting factor for the next few hours (strong winds and 4-6M seas) but forecasted to clear this afternoon when Recovery runs will continue.
  4. Estimates on repair duration and service restoration will be forthcoming. All Q wholesale partners (i.e., ACS, GCI, ASTAC, Fastwyre etc.) will be notified as soon as final repair schedules are firm. We will coordinate downstream service restoration with local operators.
  5. Shore end cable has been recovered, testing completed, sealed, and redeployed to seabed with clump weight anchor and buoy with radar reflector.
  6. Cable fault end (damaged segment) is stored and secure for after-action study.