Dr. Niiro

Dr. Yasuhiko Niiro

Senior Strategic Advisor

Senior Strategic Advisor Dr. Niiro-san is a retired professor and Engineer. In 1964 he pioneered the research & development of undersea fiber optic systems at KDD R&D Laboratories in Japan and managed TPC-3 which was the first Trans-Pacific optical fiber submarine cable in 1989. He was part of the team that constructed and laid various submarine cables to connect Japan to the world. This includes the Hong Kong-Japan-Korea Cable, TPC-4, Asia Pacific Cable, China-Japan Cable, Russia-Japan-Korea, TPC-5 , Asia Pacific Cable Network.

Dr. Niiro was President of Tyco Telecommunications Japan from 2001 – 2004and constructed Tyco Global Networks(TGN). After that, he was Guest Professor to the Tokyo City University. He is representative Director of Bharti Airtel Japan since 2010, as well as a consultant advisor to the Sub Optic Foundation, an association active in the international undersea communications industry and a neutral forum representing the ecosystem of the global submarine communications industry worldwide. 

Dr Niiro has received numerous awards in his career, notably, the Minister of Science and Technology Award, the Institution of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineer Award for contribution in the development of transoceanic optical submarine systems and developing and constructing over 150,000 kilometers optical submarine cable.