Quintillion website preview

Announcing the Launch of the New Quintillion Website

A few months ago, our team at Quintillion decided we needed a new website that captured our innovative character and mission. We’re now proud to officially announce that our vision has become a reality. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through parts of our creative process and highlight some of our favorite new features.

Our Vision: Showcasing Our Mission of Connecting the Arctic to the World

The creative process behind the new Quintillion website started with a statement piece that included a beautiful arctic iceberg image to represent the heart of what we do. Quintillion is the first and only telecommunications operator to build a subsea and terrestrial fiber optic cable network in the US Arctic. One of our main goals in building the new website was to showcase this amazing triumph and the amazing work that has already been done to help connect Alaskans to one another and the rest of the world.

Connectivity is essential for advancing the rural areas of Alaska, and we’ve aimed to educate others on why our services are vital for the communities we serve. For Alaskans living in the most remote areas of the state, it can be difficult to access reliable internet — a service that has become necessary in this digital age. Quintillion seeks to address this issue head-on by installing the infrastructure required to bring fast, affordable internet to every corner of Alaska. A new website that is easy to navigate and clearly outlines the mission we’ve been working toward is a big step in achieving our ultimate vision.

Our design captures the attention of website visitors from the moment they land on our home page, which features eye-catching colors matching the Quintillion logo, icons, text animations, system highlights, and an interactive map displaying our proposed transcontinental fiber optic network. We’ve planted multiple call-to-actions throughout the site, keeping users engaged and guiding them through other pages of our website to understand our services better. 

We’ve also built pages educating our readers on the many industries and issues the Quintillion project is intertwined with. We give an overview on how our network helps drive the economy in rural Alaska communities, providing high-speed internet that enables schools, hospitals, telehealth, remote work, and more. Our Arctic Security Roadmap explains why the American Arctic is a competitive and strategic location and how Quintillion’s infrastructure will help support the US government in this region and other parts of the world now and in the future to come. Finally, we explain how fiber optics have helped advance the oil & gas industry and the mining industry.

Our Team: Revealing the Innovators Behind the Quintillion Project

When planning out the design for our new website, we made the decision to include our entire staff, instead of just highlighting the leadership team. Our staff members work out of our Anchorage office, and all play a vital role in Quintillion’s day-to-day operations, we are a cross-functional team with different functional expertise in defined areas, each person taking great pride in their key roles and responsibilities, delivering  high value work that supports the overall mission and vision of Quintillion.  

When you visit our about page, you’ll see pictures of all our staff members accompanied by descriptions of each person’s duties, achievements, and personal interests. We’ve also included video interviews, which give visitors a glimpse of the pioneering spirit and passion our team has for what we do. We also care deeply about the Alaska communities we work with and serve these communities in more ways than one. The community page on our website features the organizations our team supports.

Our System: Digging Deeper Into the Quintillion Network

Anyone who visits our website will notice that the words “In, Out, Up” are repeated several times throughout the home page and in other sections of the site. These three words sum up our strategy for building the Quintillion system, which is:

  • In: Expanding throughout Alaska
  • Out: Connecting Asia and Europe through the Arctic
  • Up: Supporting Space Operations

We have pages dedicated to each piece of this strategy. On the “In” page we present the subsea and terrestrial fiber optic cable network we’ve already built in the US Arctic to provide Alaskans with the fastest, most resilient broadband access in the state.

Our network is currently 1700 miles long, with 1200 miles of subsea fiber and 500 miles of terrestrial fiber. We serve the Alaska markets of Nome, Kotzebue, Point Hope, Wainwright, Utqiaġvik, and Prudhoe Bay/ Deadhorse, partnering with internet providers to advance public health and safety measures and connect rural communities to the digital world. Our system features an incredibly resilient design, with subsea fiber buried 12 feet below the sea bed and six cable landings installed in sturdy steel conduits.

The “Out” page is dedicated to our future plans for extending the already built Alaskan fiber optic cable network to other parts of the world. Currently in design is phase two of the Quintillion Network, which is the planned Japan-Washington State Trans-Pacific Cable System, or the JAWS TPCS. This system will connect Washington State to Japan via subsea fiber by branching off from our existing Alaska network to Washington State. Next is phase three, which will connect Alaska to Canada and then extend to Europe.

Finally, the “Up” page discusses Quintillion’s involvement with space operations and satellite technology. This page features the Quintillion HiLDA Ground Station, which we built in partnership with ATLAS Space Operations. We chose Utqiaġvik, Alaska as our building location, establishing the highest latitude North American ground station. This satellite ground station is backed by fiber and allows American companies and industries launching polar-orbiting satellites to rely on US-based infrastructure instead of foreign ground stations.

Our Resources: Keeping the Quintillion Community Up to Date

The Quintillion Network is an evolving project, and we like to keep our community and website visitors from around the world updated on what’s next. On our solutions page, you can find several documents and presentations on our network and how it’s making an impact in Alaska and beyond. You can also keep up with top headlines on Quintillion and find contact information for our representative if you’d like to request a media outreach.

Our blog page provides website visitors with a deeper look into Quintillion’s story, culture, and future plans and discusses topics surrounding the Arctic, fiber optics, satellite technology, telecommunications, and more. We invite you to continue following along with our blog as we update it often. You can also find an easy-to-navigate FAQ page that answers many of the questions people have when first encountering Quintillion.

Continue With Us on This Journey

The Quintillion Network is already a reality in the Alaska Arctic, and it will only continue to grow. Building the first subsea and terrestrial fiber optic network in the Alaska Arctic was a major success. And we still have our eyes set ahead on what comes next.

We’re excited to share this new website with you, which we feel matches our ingenuity and pioneering spirit. We urge you to explore everything it has to offer and to continue following our journey. We expect by 2025 to have connected most rural Alaskans to each other and the rest of the world.

We hope you’ll join us in this journey. Contact us to learn more about our innovative plan.